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A comic about a bunch of chibi animals trying to live under the same roof as a hyper-active, naive kitten...and each other. >w< Ben has just been adopted by an old lady that seems to be rich. She's got a huge mansion, along with a bunch of other adoptees like him and those that were born there, like a kitten named Haipa. What's with the strange feeling he gets when Haipa smiles? Why does he think it's so cute when he does? And can he survive living under the same roof as an emo prankster, Haipa's over-protective brother and a wanna-be scientist that blows something up almost everyday? Find out! On Random Chibi! XD WARNING: Will contain shounen-ai (boy/boy innocence) and attempted humor. Updates randomly

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April 4th, 2008, 3:07 am

Ignore what I posted earlier

I'm not killing RC. I never was.

I've posted a new page, and I will still update very sporadically, but at least you know I'm updating.

As if that's supposed to comfort anybody, Kuro. *rolls eyes at herself*

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